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Learn how to make the most out of your automotive asset.

This site provides an introduction, information and access to a free e-book full of proven strategies and actions for your business. Follow my blogs about improving, planning and selling your assets for continual advice and anecdotes.

What sets me apart?

I’ve made a successful living from improving, planning and selling my own car dealerships. My industry knowledge – both of dealers and manufacturers – gives me insight to the particular challenges facing the autotmotive industry. I also have a unique disposal programme. Autmotive Assets goes beyond valuations to offer a total and sensitive service that supports the dealer, its local reputation, customer/supplier relations and employee/stakeholder management. The business prides itself upon its industry insight, imagination, discretion and integrity.

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Thinking about selling your dealership?

Thinking about passing your dealership on?

Thinking about how to make more profit from your dealership?

A real understanding of the motor retail industry means that straightaway there is a valuable level of empathy & trust.


Case Study – Medium Sized franchised Dealership

Following a full site audit using Automotive Asset’s experience, knowledge & contacts, a list of prospective trade buyers wasidentified and presented to the client, who was seeking a good cultural fit, as well as an acceptable price.


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